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Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service

Why is it important?

The engine cooling system in your vehicle circulates antifreeze through the engine and radiator. The antifreeze is formulated to prevent corrosion inside the cooling system and helps to maintain optimal engine operating temperature regardless of outside conditions. Replacing the antifreeze at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system corrosion.

Did you know that the number one cause for mechanical breakdowns on the road today is cooling system failure? That’s right. This system is as vital as the human circulation system, and as such, it is particularly important that the cooling system be maintained to operate properly, especially with dramatic changes in temperatures. Today’s cooling systems contain a mixture of water and antifreeze/coolant. Water—believe it or not—is both the culprit and a necessary evil. The water in this mixture will react with steel and iron, causing rust. It will also react with aluminum, causing corrosion.  Another detriment of water in this mixture is that it can cause the formation of scale deposits. These modern cooling systems are also operating at much higher temperatures than ever before, which cause the system to be more sensitive to deposits of scale and rust.


Deposits affect the cooling system in two ways. First, they reduce the transfer of heat from hot engine parts into the coolant. Second, they restrict the flow of coolant throughout the cooling system. Both conditions reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system, which can lead to the engine overheating. And although technology has come a long way, there is still no way to determine the actual amount of rust and scale in a cooling system. This is a good reason to use a chemical cooling system flush to dissolve these deposits, as part of every cooling system flush service. In other words, when in doubt, flush it out.


What is the service?

The old antifreeze is removed from your radiator and replaced with new antifreeze per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  We capture the old coolant and have it picked up by a licensed collector so it can be disposed in an environmentally responsible way.