Current Oil Change Coupons

Synthetic Motor Oil Change


Delivering a quantum leap in performance, synthetic motor oil outperforms in every way. Engineered to provide a cleaner and more efficient engine and combined with the added benefits of superior performance, better gas mileage and engine responsiveness, the Al’s Premium Plus Synthetic Oil Change Service is the ultimate in engine protection and performance. Original equipment manufacturers require synthetic motor oil for many of today’s vehicles.

Includes 16 point inspection, up to 5 quarts of Synthetic Motor Oil. Shop fee. Reg. $34.99. Most vehicles. Includes spin on oil filter. Coupon Code: WSBR2999

Coupon expires: 03-31-2018

Radiator Flush Service


Completely flush cooling system including engine block and radiator.

Website Coupon Regular price $69.99 Most Vehicles. Coupon Code: WSRF6499

Coupon expires: 03-31-2018

Fuel Intake Cleaning Service


Two stage fuel intake cleaning service.  Helps restore gas mileage and engine performance.

Website Coupon Regular price $59.99. Coupon Code: WS2S5499

Coupon expires: 03-31-2018

Transmission Flush Service


Complete flush of transmission fluid including torque converter.  This service completely flushes the transmission and cleans transmission filter.

Website Coupon Regular Price $99.99. Coupon Code: WSTF8999

Coupon expires: 03-31-2018

Full Service Oil Change


Oil Change Lube, oil filter and compete maintenance inspection.

Includes 16 point inspection, up to 5 quarts of 5w30/5w20/10w30. Shop fee $3.50 - Reg. $19.99. Most vehicles. Includes spin on oil filter. regular oil. Coupon Code: WSGD1799

Coupon expires: 03-31-2018